Can You Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee? Australian Guide for Coffee Lovers

Because your coffee is NOT your best pal’s business!

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So, if your best buddy is judging you for having heavy whipping cream in your coffee, know it’s your liking that matters most – not theirs!

You don’t owe them a justification – again, you know this, don’t you?

And you can live your coffee your way! Today, tomorrow, and always!

But if you care for them enough to introduce them to the heavenly flavor that you can only get with a coffee with heavy whipping cream, here are some reasons you can have!

Enjoy the coffee, ditch the judgment!

But Who Would Replace Milk with Heavy Whipping Cream?

Not a health enthusiast, you might be thinking.

What if I tell you that whipping cream can be – and is – a go-to addition for quite a few health and fitness gurus? How will you feel that this trend of coffee is not only loved by the good old folk folks like us but is also advocated by nutrition and fitness gurus like Mark Sisson and Nia Shanks? Their viewpoint? Coffee can become unhealthy because of lots of sugar but not because of lots of fats.

And, let me tell you a secret: you don’t have to eliminate fats from your life altogether. Just make sure, you are getting them from the right sources and within a limit.

From this ‘secret’ about the fats intake, you get two more questions: when taking higher fat content in a coffee is good for your health and who can opt for this choice. But before we answer these questions, let’s learn why people opt for this heavy dose of animal fat in their morning drinks.

What’s Your Reason?

If you say that you like the taste, it would suffice.

Honestly, the reason to take your coffee in a particular way varies from person to person. And if you ask me, none of the reasons is less acceptable than the other.

You can be happy with yourself taking this fat-filled coffee first thing in the morning only because the taste gives you a taste of the day and makes you feel that what’s awaiting you is just as rich and flavorful.

You may want the whipped cream to fight off extra bitterness in your coffee. Or your focus can be on the smoother texture.

By the way, if you are a half-and-half lover, you should try out the more efficient alternative of heavy whipping cream. It gives you the same effect with only half the amount of cream. How about that?!

For those who don’t give taste and texture as much attention as they give to health concerns, there are a few health benefits of replacing milk or creamer with heavy cream. Check the health benefits heading for that.

Coffee Creamer or Whipping Cream

If your friend is a hardcore creamer-coffee lover, he may or may not abstain from this liking. There are a few reasons people prefer creamer over whipping cream.

The first – and the most important – of these reasons is the flavor. Creamers bring a unique array of flavors. It ranges from banana nut to strawberry, to French vanilla and pumpkin spice. Secondly, it’s sweeter – a lot sweeter than frothed milk and other options – yes, a lot sweeter than whipping cream!

The only fact that makes this option more desirable for some people is its dairy-free nature. So, if you are a vegan by heart, you get no choice but this creamer for the smoother texture of your coffee.

The only case where you get a right to speak is when you are worried about your friend’s sugar intake. But in that case, think of an alternative to sugar in the whipping cream version because most times this heavy cream organic creamer goes with added sugar.

Half and Half or Heavy Cream

Half and half is another option that goes well for some people. The compromises are on taste and texture. You have to use a double amount of half and half to get the same result as whipping cream.

But the impact of this option of health factor is tremendous. I am talking about the reduced fat content that comes with half and half.

Or if added richness is what you are craving right now, there can be no better option than the fats that are hidden in plain sight in your coffee’s whipping cream.

Health Impacts of Whipping Cream in Coffee

So you are drinking it for ages. But now you are scared. What if it’s the reason you are gaining weight. What about heart health? And diabetes?

And should you keep it as it is in the coming months or years? Or change the ingredients as part of your new month’s resolution!

We will only know for sure if we know how a coffee’s whipping cream works with our body.

Now you know that this option is loved because it’s low on sugar content but its biggest health risk is higher fat content. Heavy whipping cream is considered heavy because of its 30 to 36% fat content!

The proponents go to lengths to make even this fat content desirable. And I am one of them!

First, fat is not bad on its own. It becomes bad when you use it in excess. Every dairy-love out there will claim that milk and milk products are the best gifts you can send down your gastrointestinal tract. The reasons are clear and proven from research. The butyric acid present in these fats enhances your colon health and minimizes insulin insensitivity.

If you are from the group of those lucky people who enjoy healthy metabolism and follow a diet plan with minimal fat intake, splurging on morning coffee cream is good for your health. And yes, if taken with enough fat, you can remain positive that skipping breakfast in a week wouldn’t do you much harm. Just don’t make a habit out of it.

Secondly, fats, if used correctly will enhance the process of fat burning! That’s ironic but true.

Healthy fats are known to stimulate brown fats in the body. Yeah, these fats work like coffee in the fat-burning process. When you combine the two ingredients – both helpful in fat burning – you can imagine the results.

You may still want to skip the sugar content, by the way. That’s because sugar is the only ingredient that is tied to lowering fat stimulation. Or in other words, the whipping cream addition is best for those coffee lovers who love black coffee. That way, they are already trained to ditch raw sugar that may jeopardize the health-friendly impacts of whipping cream in the coffee.

Heavy Whipping Cream and Keto

If you are on a keto diet, you can still go with a coffee recipe that asks for whipping cream. In short, the ingredients don’t cancel out the diet’s effects.

All you have to worry about when you are using it is your daily caloric intake. Will these added calories allow you to restrict your daily calorie count?

Impact on Taste:

Before they even try, they wanna know the impact this whitish foam will have on your coffee. It’s understandable. And we’ve got you covered.

For starters, whipping cream has not much taste. When in coffee, expect it to give a buttery flavor but that’s without added salt. It does help to cut some of the bitterness of coffee. So, if you like your coffee strong, you can either ditch this recipe or go for it with a still stronger blend.

For those coffee lovers who don’t add many ingredients to their coffee, this addition may bring some unwanted effects. It brings sweetness – not much of it but – enough to be tasted in your coffee. So, beware before you put it in your mug.

The Recipe

But before you go on preparing a drink for your best pal, know that if you are doing it right? I mean, you wouldn’t want them to have more cream than their digestive system can handle. Nor would you want them to desert the drink without finishing only because it was too heavy for them.

When you are in the coffee-tasting phase, you have to extra vigilant of the flavor and ingredients. And to be honest, it’s a trial and error game. After all, the taste depends on individual preferences.

But I can give you a specified range to stick to. Most people keep their coffee’s whipping cream between half an ounce and one and a half ounces. But you know your taste well, no?

And you shouldn’t have to worry about your coffee curdling the cream. It won’t if you are careful. Add small amounts of cream at a time to keep the texture smooth. And make sure that the cream is fresh. The most common reason for curdled cream is that it’s almost off.

Best Coffees with Whipping Cream

By nature, some coffees are more adapt to taking whipping cream as a coffee whitener than others. So, which are those delicious drinks that get a boost in taste with heavy cream?

Regular Coffee

You might think that you are better off with a regular coffee whitener. Or you might think that your love for heavy cream is just too much to ignore.

The best part is that the recipes to get a regular coffee with heavy whipping cream are in hundreds. So, you can use any brew setting, strength, and dose to get your morning coffee.

If you are using this cream in regular coffee, we have a tip for you. Go with a darker roast for coffee beans. It will enhance the taste and allow you to enjoy a particular strength even with heavy cream.

Frappe Coffee

Although we can’t assure you the health-friendliness of this coffee drink, it promises one of the most heavenly flavors of coffee.

The recipe is also simple. All you have to do is to blend all the ingredients in a blender, pour the drink, top with your fat-rich delight –ah! Whipped cream, and enjoy. But what are these ingredients? We are talking about a shot of espresso, sugar, ice cubes, and milk.

And if you want even more flavor – with even less score on the health front – add caramel or chocolate syrup.

Irish Coffee

So, you wouldn’t mind mixing coffee with your cocktail urge. Irish coffee is the way to go for you!

The ingredients are a little non-conventional. You blend coffee in your whisky and may or may not add sugar. In the end, top it with heavy cream to enjoy.

Cold Brew

The best coffee that is made for whipping cream is cold brew. What’s the best part: you can enjoy it all year round. Sounds cool?!

The recipe is simple. All you have to do is to brew a very strong cold brew and then top it up with whipping cream.


Whipping Cream for Dark Coffee Lovers

If your go-to taste in coffee is dark coffee but you are searching for a perfect yet healthy change, you are in luck. Whipping cream makes the healthiest combo with your morning drink. It will not only keep you satiated for long but the added fats will stimulate brown fats in your body helping you lose weight.

What else is needed!?

Wrap Up

So, can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee? It depends whose coffee is this. And we just go with the preference the potential coffee owner upholds.

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