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Because triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones!

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What is life if it’s not a trade-off between time and money? You have to compromise one of the two to attain the other.

But when it comes to culinary skills and your birthright to enjoying tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, the trade-off changes its shape slightly. Now, it’s time against taste and satisfaction.

How can you cope?! How can you win the battle? Every day! Twice a day! Umptieth times a day!

Still, you don’t see yourself losing hope. Why would you? After all, you know the magic of a perfect and efficient sandwich press, don’t you?

Here is the deal! You invest in the best sandwich press Australia once in a decade and then reap the rewards – um, sandwiches – every day for the next ten years. Well, that’s only possible if you get a reliable sandwich-loving press.

So, the only worry you should have right now is – not about balancing time spent on making a sandwich and getting the right taste – about finding the best-toasted sandwich maker that will remain available for years. But please don’t expect it to stay for twenty-seven years!

Use these sandwich press reviews to find the best choice in Australia.

The Best Sandwich Press in Australia 2021

1. Our Choice: Sunbeam GR8210 Sandwich Compact Cafe Grill

How would you feel if you pay for a sandwich press only but get not only your sandwich maker but also a BBQ grill? Sounds amazing, right? The only concern will be about space, then. Where would you store the additional machine?

Well, Sunbeam has covered you for that also! Their Sandwich Compact Café Grill is – yeah, you guessed it right – compact. Be aware, that the company has introduced the newer version of this trusted model. Given some developments in its design, you cannot stand in an upright position for storage thus, compromising one of the core benefits this product offered previously.

One thing that may put you off from buying this product is its origin. It comes from China. But the manufacturer is Sunbeam. And you can trust the quality assurance process from this trusted brand.

It’s a healthy option. Its stainless steel, non-stick coating allows you easily release your food making oiling them a skip-able step.

Other than sandwiches and BBQ, you can use this sandwich press for cooking meat patties, bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Its ribbed plate at the top exerts enough pressure to cook the meal fast. Expect it to give you a hearty meal within half the time you would get using stove-top utensils.

Another time saving that comes from it becomes apparent when it is time to clean the sandwich maker. There is no need for extensive brushing and detailed edge cleaning. Use a paper towel to wipe clean after every use.

Why we like it?

Compact: It combines two functions within one machine without taking up lots of your counter space.
Multi-purpose: It offers a complete grilling experience – from BBQ to sandwiches, to meat patties and bacon.
Easy to clean: Use a paper towel to wipe residual oil after every use.
Time-saving: It cuts sandwich-making time by 50%.
Healthy: You don’t have to use excess oils for the easy release of food.

What to consider?

  • You can’t store it upright.
  • Durability is questioned for the new model.
  • You only get thin, basic sandwiches with it. If you want more layers in your sandwich, you may find yourself pressing the top plate for even pressure.

Pick it:

2. The Smart Choice: Breville Bsg540Bss The Toast & Melt 4 Slice

For God’s sake! I don’t have a single basic template for my sandwiches. Show me those choices where I have more control over the height and layers in my sandwich!

If this is what you are thinking, BrevilleBsg540Bss has a spot-on answer to your needs. This best sandwich maker in Australia is a complete solution to your breakfast sandwich-making needs. And don’t take me too seriously when I say ‘breakfast’. You can use it to make sandwiches for any meal you like.

It’s not the healthiest alternative out there. But you sure have the peace of mind that you don’t have to oil the non-stick plates extensively to get an easy release.

What’s the highlight that makes this sandwich maker a dream for every cooking enthusiast? It’s its ability to adjust to four heights. You read it right. Now, you are in control of the layers that go into your sandwich. Also, you are the one who will decide if you want your top layer only melted or fully toast.

Speaking of layers, you can insert four slices at a time.

Another feature that makes working with this sandwich press easier is its red and green lights. They tell you when you have switched on the machine and when it’s ready to toast your toast.

Like most other quality sandwich presses, this one comes with stainless steel plates. One benefit of these plates is apparent – you get easy food release. The other benefit manifests when you clean the press. It’s surprisingly easy to clean. All you have to do is to use a paper towel to wipe excess oil and crumbs.

Why we like it?

Ergonomic: It tells you when it’s ready to start sandwich making with its lights.
Height control: It’s not only about sandwiches. You can also make open melts with it – thanks to its four adjustable heights.
Easy-to-clean: You can wipe it clean with a paper towel.

What to consider?

  • The machine doesn’t come with an on/off switch. You have to cut off the main supply every time you are done working with it.
  • With its smart lights feature and height-adjustability, one can assume they allowed temperature control. Spoiler alert: they didn’t!

Pick it:

3. Russell Hobbs Sandwich Press

So, you want another choice? Flat plates are okay! Height adjustability is a must-have! And light indicators make sandwich making a lot easier.

All is great! And you want another product to compare. Here it is – Russell Hobbs Sandwich Press is your next best choice.

It’s trustable. It’s loaded with features. And it’s cheap. But don’t compare it with Breville’s sandwich maker. It will lose.

Surely, we are only talking about performance and melt quality.

Russell Hobbs sandwich press offers you two flat plates. It translates into easy cleaning when you are ready to put it away.

Its floating hinge is the quality that makes it one of the most sought-after models. You can choose the distance between your toast and the top plate with up-to-for height settings. Plus, you can put up to four slices in it for time-saving.

Did someone say ‘time-saving’ – it was me, by the way? The sandwich press saves your precious time by heating up quickly to get ready for making the sandwich.

What’s the next concern? Of course, it’s cleaning. And Russell Hobbs Sandwich Press makes it a possibility with a switch of a – wait for it – paper towel. But it’s no biggie. Every other sandwich press in the market offers a similar ease-of-use feature, right?

One feature that makes it more convenient than its peers is its lid lock. It allows you to secure the lid in place for easy vertical storage.

Why we like it?

Trust is everything: Russell Hobbs is the name of the trust.
Height adjustability: You get four settings for height management.

Greater capacity: Toast four slices at once.

Ease of storage: With its lid lock, you are all covered. Secure the lock and store it vertically on your kitchen counter or cabinet.

What to consider?

Oil may dribble during sandwich making.

Pick it:

4. Big Choice: Breville BTS100SIL The Big One

You want real sandwiches. Or you like sandwiches in the size you desire.

Flat plates?! They don’t appeal to you. You need a larger space. You want larger sandwiches.

Go big! Breville BTS100SIL The Big One is what you are understanding from its name – big.

Talk about pockets. They are deeper. The only sealing you get is around the edges. That’s how it works. And that’s how it promises quality.

Are you worried about the middle part of your toast? If the sandwich maker only seals the edges, who will press, heat, and make the middle? Worry not. With more than 30 years of experience in sandwich maker production, this best toastie maker has mastered the temperature settings – no more fast toasting of the slice and cold fillings inside and no browner edges with uncooked middles. Every part of your sandwich will get just adequate heat to cook with this best sandwich press Australia.

At one time, you can make two of these heavenly delights.

Its edge-to-edge sealing makes it the best jaffle maker. Only, don’t worry about using smaller slices. Bigger ones work better for jaffle making because they have more room to seal the edges.

The non-stick coating is a blessing – just like it is in any other sandwich maker in the market. It not only saves lots of time in cleaning but also prevents sandwiches from sticking to the plates or needing much oiling.

Although the plates are styled to make jaffles, you would find them easy to clean. There are no nooks and crannies that hold up crumbs and oil for buildup. Use a paper towel or a piece of cloth to wipe it clean after every use and it should be fine.

Why we like it?

Because it’s big: This Breville jaffle maker can make jaffle with bigger slices. And you can switch for toasties with ample fillings. Get two toasts in one go.
Warms up quickly: Allow it three minutes to pre-heat to give the best toast.
Indicating lights: With these, you wouldn’t be confused if the sandwich maker is hot enough to toast the slices.
Easy to clean: This is the power of non-stick plates
Trusted brand: Breville is a name of trust so quality is guaranteed.

What to consider?

  • Non-stick enamel can come off after a few uses.

Pick it:

5. Tefal Snack Collection SW852D61

Yes, it is aesthetically appealing. But that’s not the only attribute you should be eyeing. Look at its performance and ease. And don’t forget its ability to cater to a large choice of tasks.

But what is the variety of tasks we are looking at? For starters, you can make sandwiches. Then you can venture it into waffle making. Then experiment with donuts, biscuits, rolls, patties, and more. Oh, you only need a sandwich maker because you’re a hostel student focusing only on your studies and not on cooking skills? This multipurpose snack deal has gotten you covered for this lack of skill also – use its recipe book.

It comes with sixteen different plates. ‘Why so many plates?’, you may ask. It’s because every plate has a purpose – or a recipe – it caters to. Did it say snack collection in its name? Sure, it did!

And you get recipes for every plate included in the package. You wanna pursue a new hobby? Why not try cooking with this snack collection?

When you get 16 plates for a sandwich maker, you worry about storing this load of utensils. This can be a hassle if your only purpose was to get a sandwich maker. But Tefal takes care of this concern also. You get a box set for storage that has ample room to keep each plate.

Still, you have to take care of washing and cleaning these plates. Again, it’s not a big deal given the plates are dishwasher safe.

Why we like it?

A complete snack collection: It caters to your complete baking fantasies. Starting from baking and ending with quick cleaning and storage, this sandwich maker takes the worries off your mind.
Easy to use: Consider its light indicators to know when to start cooking.
Beginner-friendly: We are talking about its recipe book.
Inspirational: Don’t feel like cooking? Its easy-to-make snack recipes will prompt you to cook regardless!
Ergonomic: Again, the manufacturer has considered every aspect when designing this product from getting inspiration to cooking to cleaning and storage.

What to consider?

  • You have to buy the recipe book and extra plates separately.

Pick it:

6. Breville The Toast and Melt Sandwich Press BSG220BSS

I know what you are thinking. But believe me, this is another quality and promise from Breville just like the predecessors.

Unlike the previous model, it doesn’t offer four fixed height adjustments. Instead, the possibilities are limitless. Its unique, floating lid allows you to adjust the thickness of your sandwich without worrying about what can go into your sandwich press. And this adjustability also means that you can switch between toasties and melts with ease.

Its ease of use is a prominent feature. You get a height adjustment dial and then you get flexibility in the top plate to suit the thickness and tenderness you are opting for in your sandwiches or melts.

Use the guarantee and performance of Breville for your peace of mind. Temperature settings are just perfect. And the heavy-duty cast iron handle ensures durability.

Its indicating lights make a standard feature that allows you to know when your sandwich maker is ready to press your delights. Thanks to its 2000 watt power, the machine pre-heats in seconds to reach the sandwich-making temperature.

Although it could work better with an on-board on/off button, this lacking seems forgivable considering the safety concerns.

Ease of storage is one quality most customers rave about for this product. You can stand it upright to save space. And you get a storage place to tuck in its cord.

Cleaning is easy on its stainless steel plates.

Why we like it?

Trusted brand: We cannot ignore the peace of mind we get when the machine we have purchased remains with us for years.
Easy to use: Use the dial to adjust the height and give it a personal touch with adjustable lid height.
Fast: With a power of 2000 watts, the machine heats up quickly.
Easy to clean and store: Cleaning is easy. All you have to do is to wipe clean the plates with a paper towel. And you can stand it upright for storage.

What to consider?

  • Adjust the lid for thickness can be tricky.

Pick it:

7. The Health Choice: George Foreman GR25042AU

Sandwiches are cool and make a compulsory part of your diet. But it wouldn’t harm you if your sandwich press could do more than just making sandwiches. Take the example of this steel grill. They rightly call it a family steel grill as it can tackle up to 113 grams of steak in one go.

But what about sandwiches’, you may ask. Worry not, that also makes a specialty of this multipurpose grill.

So, let’s start with its size. It is large enough to cater full meals to two persons or more at a time. So, when they say family, they mean a small family of two to five people.

For what meals you can rely on it? Make sandwiches in the grilled cheese style. Or use it for your dinner steak. And don’t forget to throw in the sides for simultaneous preparation. In the end, you can cook your frozen meals as well.

Are you concerned about health? Use this family steel grill to minimize fat content in your steak. The fat that melts from your food on this best sandwich grill will be collected in the drip tray for easy collection and cleaning. The manufacturer claims that this machine can reduce fats by up to 42% from meat.

Should we forget the lights? Of course, not! These indicating lights are perfect to tell when your grill is ready to cook and when it is only heating up.

And it’s good for your dishwasher also. With perfect size and dishwasher-friendly material, its drip tray makes cleaning easy. Wipe clean the other parts and store this sandwich press in an upright position.

You wouldn’t need your 12-month warranty for this product in most cases. But it sure gives you peace of mind if anything goes awry.

Why we like it?

It’s healthy: It cuts down fat content by 42%!
It’s multipurpose: We are dealing with a steel grill complete with the perfect size and accessories to handle a steak. And don’t forget you can still buy it to make sandwiches.
It’s easy to clean: Wipe the whole equipment and put the dishwasher-safe drip tray in the washer.
Store it upright: Ready to save some space, are you?
12-month warranty: You are all covered.

What to consider?

  • It can serve a maximum of five portions at a time.
  • You cannot lock it for storage and transportation.

Pick it:

Buying Guide

It’s about time! You are ready to get your replacement for the loyal sandwich maker you had for years. And you know that the newer machine should be as durable and efficient as its successor was. You are also ready to test out new features technology has introduced since you first bought your press.

These features are great but don’t forget the basics. Here are the benchmark factors:


You guessed it correctly! This feature has little to do with what you are getting in the market and a lot to do with your needs.

So if you want to make a single sandwich at a time, go for a single sandwich press. If your needs are higher, you should consider getting a dual press.


Actually, here are two concerns you should note when analyzing plates. The first is the style of sandwich you prefer and the second is the frequency of use for this sandwich press.

Let’s start with the style you want for your sandwiches. Accordingly, there are two types of the sandwich press: flat sandwich press and grilled sandwich press. The first one is good for those who can forgo the grilled lining on their sandwiches in favor of even heating. The latter option will make grilled sandwiches and most of them also a good choice for making melts. Some toastie makers combine both plates in one product giving a flat bottom plate and a grooved top plate.

Secondly, you should look at the material used in these plates. If your use is frequent, you should go for cast iron plates. Make sure you know the trick of seasoning these plates. And if you don’t already know this skill, be ready to learn it. Cast iron plates need periodical seasoning.

If you would use your cast iron only rarely, non-stick plates will work great for you. Try to avoid aluminum plates as this metal is known to carry health hazards.


With a vast variety of sandwich press in the market, you can choose simple ones and then you can choose more sophisticated ones. It’s stale news that you can grill a steak in your sandwich maker now you can do the whole baking. And don’t forget the melts.

But the sandwich maker you choose would showcase your needs, budget, and space available in the kitchen, right? Oh, and don’t forget the upright storage feature. It makes a-hell-lot of a difference for storage.

Best Sandwich Press Australia – FAQs

What is the best sandwich press in Australia?

You ask me which sandwich press is best in Australia? Ah, that’s a tricky question because there is no one answer. For some, Breville Bsg540Bss would make the most preferred choice. Others would choose Tefal Snack Collection. Still, others would prefer this combo of sandwich press and family grill from George Foreman.

Did you see that? The choice is vast.

You have to check that out yourself.

Is a Jaffle Maker the Same as Sandwich Maker?

The two machines essentially serve the same purpose but the styles are different. A sandwich maker will leave the edges open. These machines would evenly heat the sandwich the edges as well as the middle portion.

On the other hand, jaffle makers make jaffles which are essentially sandwiches with sealed edges. It does heat the whole sandwich evenly but the pressure remains on the edges and not on the middle.

How do I Choose a Good Sandwich Maker?

A few things that are essential for you to benefit from your purchase include the power outlet with which it is compatible, the number of slices it makes at a time, and the material of plates. You may also want to know the style of its top and bottom plates.

Final Verdict

Life should be easy – not a mash up of compromises. This list of best sandwich press Australia doesn’t improve your life much. But it does improve what you eat and what you feel about eating. And that makes a difference.

And you can choose the most versatile options consider. Tefal Snack Collection can be the right device to start!

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