The Best Rice Cookers
in Australia

A simple and easy way to cook delicious and savory rice.

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We all remember the famous “Your phone fell down in the pool? Put it into a bowl of rice, some Asians will appear and fix it”  Well, who can blame them? As delicious Rice dishes have gotten quite a following here in Australia as well.

No matter how simple and easy-to-cook the rice may look, the secret to cooking the perfect grains of r is no walk in the park. Coming to your rescue we have reviewed the best rice cookers of Australia that cook incredibly fluffy, soft-textured rice so that you can pick “the one” for you.

Either you love or loathe being in the kitchen, we have picked the 9 best rice cookers for you.

Top Picks for You

Best for Large Families: Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker

This multi-functional appliance makes your life easier by fast cooking time and pre-set timer. You can not doubt its functionality because it cooks tempting and delicious rice. Also, it can cook for a large number of people so next time you throw an extravagant dinner party, take out your good reliable Breville and enjoy the praises by your guests. After thorough research —can’t stress enough in “thorough”—we can safely say that it’s the best ceramic rice cooker in Australia. 

Best for Effortless use: Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Providing a number of facilities, and a great efficiency you can cook some flavorful, delicious and perfectly moist rice! It is technically engineered to consume less energy, saving loads of money. Your 89 dollars won’t go in ruins if you want to have an easy and convenient cooker or if you can bear the extra cooking time.

Best for Budget: Target-2 Litre Rice Cooker

Being on a budget and offering several qualities, Target-2 Litre Rice Cooker comes out to be the excellent cheap rice cooker for budget-conscious people. However, it does lack durability but that should be adjusted at such a price. That is!

The 9 Best Rice Cookers in Australia

1. Best for Large Families: Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker

Are you worried about cooking meals for a large number of people? If so, don’t be anymore! Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker has got you covered! It can cook 10 cups of rice that are sufficient for almost 25 people. Nothing is more appropriate than this!

Disclaimer: Mouth-watering content ahead

Moreover, it is an easy-to-set cooker that comes with fuzzy logic technology. A combination rice cooker and steamer that cooks sushi/sticky rice, soup, porridge, steamed rice, and cake. With an insulated bowl that keeps the rice warm and fresh.

To have the best electric rice cooker, go for this one! With its adjustable temperature and the ability to perfectly cook different versions of rice, it facilitates its users. The fuzzy technology, —don’t go on its name— has sets the right temperature at each stage of rice cooking. This feature gives space to the user and he/she can easily run errands meanwhile.

This rice cooker is designed with 5 layers of durable and heat conductive material that helps to keep the rice warm for up to 24 hours. However, for optimal quality, it should only be left for 5-8 hours.

With rice, it can also cook vegetables, seafood, steaming fish, steaming poultry, and steaming dumplings, etc.

Quick Prompt: This cooker is best for most people out there!

With a programmable digital timer, you can pre-set the finishing cooking time in advance and add ingredients to finish in time to serve. This saves you from hours of standing in front of the stove! Not only that, but it also has a modest and simple lid that can be easily separated and cleaned. While its other parts are also very easy to remove and clean.

With ingredient settings, it also has a fast cook and reheat setting. It takes 34 minutes for 2 cups of uncooked white rice at the normal ingredient setting of white rice. While at the fast cook setting, it takes 29 minutes for uncooked white rice. In the same manner, the cooking time varies for each ingredient. You need to set accordingly.

Too much information? We know. But the guidebook that comes with it acts like a magic wand that tells you all directions including timing.

Lastly, you can have a free steaming tray, a serving spoon, a serving ladle, and a measuring cup with this cooker. Only Santa could be more generous than Breville at this point.

Why we like it?

Be it white rice or steamed rice, this cooker cooks really fresh and delicious rice of any type.

With rice, you can also steam vegetables, poultry, and seafood in this cooker.

Cooking Modes
This cooker has a fast mode, normal mode for each ingredient, reheat, and auto keep warm option.

Easy-open Lid
It offers an easy-open lid and other removable parts for fast and smart clean-up.

Digital Timer
With its digital timer, you can set up the cooking time and enjoy your other activities with the rice being cooked itself.

It has a 10-cup-capacity that can serve up to 25 people.

What to consider?

No heating element on Lid
The lid doesn’t have the heating conductivity as the rice box has. This affects the warming of the rice.

Etched markings
The rice box has etched markings on it that make it difficult to read. Of course, it could have been much easier for us to read if the manufacturers embossed the etching with white color.


This multi-functional appliance makes your life easier by fast cooking time and pre-set timer. You can not doubt its functionality because it cooks tempting and delicious rice. Also, it can cook for a large number of people so next time you throw an extravagant dinner party, take out your good reliable Breville and enjoy the praises by your guests. After thorough research —can’t stress enough in “thorough”—we can safely say that it’s the best ceramic rice cooker in Australia. 

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2. Best for Effortless use: Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Now if you’ve broken records for laziness and want to have an effortless cooker with easy and simple usage? Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker is best known for its effortless and handy use!

Its advanced and versatile features would be a great fit for your house, work, or hotel. It comes along with a micro-computer that assists all cooking options with only a push of a button, yes, the machines are taking over the world and we love it. And If you are looking for a portable and highly convenient cooker, look no more!

Love eating porridge? Make it with a Panasonic 10 cup rice cooker. Not only that, you can use it to cook white rice, brown rice, as well as soups. It can hold up to 10 cups of uncooked rice and yields 20 cups of cooked rice. With the all-new integrated micro computerized control panel, all the settings are at the push of your hand.

Cook the food you love! This rice cooker prepares one-pot meals. With its 6 integrated cooking functions, you can cook white, brown, basmati, Jasmin, and all the other types of rice.

Quick suggestion: It is the best brown rice cooker you will find in Australia.

This best electric rice cooker doesn’t come with time or temperature controls. Instead, your work is made easier with the insertion of a microcomputer that automatically adjusts the cooking time and power accordingly. There are water level markings inside it for the 10 cups of uncooked rice. To get your rice al dente, use the measuring cup and water level markings. You can also adjust the softness according to your preference by adding a little more or less water.

If you ever happen to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner, gather ingredients in the cooking bowl, close the lid and select the desired function. The vent on the lid will allow steam out to maintain pressure. Once the cycle is completed, the cooker will turn off and it will remain warm for 12 long hours. With only a push of a button, you can open the lid.

The detachable power cord makes it easy to pack and carry. The packing comes with a steamer basket, serving spoon, measuring cup, and manual. It had an automatic technology of staying warm up to 12 hours, even if you turn it off. The lid covering it is vented to release steam through it. What else do you look for in a cooker before buying?

Why we like it?

The steamer basket will help you to steam meats, vegetables, and other stuff with the rice cooking below. How time-saving is that!

Soup maker
There is a porridge/soup setting that prepares different types of soups and porridge.

Easy to use
This cooker has a simple and modest design that makes it very easy to use.

What to consider?

Takes longer Time
The flaw of this cooker is that it takes longer to cook rice and other dishes than the stovetop technique or some of the other rice cookers.

Doesn’t come with a handle
It doesn’t have a handle so you will have to use both hands to hold and move it.

No condensation catcher
Lastly, it doesn’t have a condensation catcher. On adding more water than required, you’ll be left with a mess.


Providing a number of facilities, and great efficiency you can cook some flavorful, delicious, and perfectly moist rice! It is technically engineered to consume less energy, saving loads of money. Your 89 dollars won’t go in ruins if you want to have an easy and convenient cooker or if you can bear the extra cooking time.

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3. Best for Budget: Target-2 Litre Rice Cooker

Do you want to have an in-budget yet an all-rounder rice cooker? Target-2 Litre Rice Cooker is the one that has both qualities. Though it’s not for people who want to have a “cool-looking cooker”, yet it can meet all of the mandates. This cooker comes with everything that a normal rice cooker comes with including a detachable glass lid, non-stick aluminum pot, auto keep-warm function, and a removable cord. Regardless, you can’t expect it to accompany you for years!

Are you the one who likes the rice cooker but not the high cost? If so, then have this cooker as it comes in only $18. Aren’t you amazed yet?

It comes with all basic functions and a low price! Go buy it before your mind changes because this is the best deal you can ever have!

As almost all rice cookers have, this rice cooker also has an auto-warm function that keeps your rice warm after cooking it. So, you don’t need to worry about warming the food again and again! Moreover, the removable lid makes it very easy to clean.

With all these functions, enjoy its other accessories! They make it easy to use. The measuring cup it has helps to measure the rice quantity so that the quantity stays accurate. Not more not less! Also, the rice spoon eases the mixing of rice. And above all, the handles of this cooker are beneficial as you can easily hold the cooker with them without having to burn your hands! Isn’t it benefitting?

With a detachable cord, you can easily remove the pot and bring it to your dining table, and enjoy the serving from the ease of your table. However, it has a 2-liter capacity that makes 4 cups which are enough for 4 people serving. That makes it appropriate for a small family. So, if you have a small family of 4 people, go get this at a very affordable price!

Why we like it?

As affordable as can be! Just for $18!

Easy to use
Throw your rice, water, and other ingredients in the cooker, and forget about it. The price cooker will perform its duty afterward and cook the best rice ever!

Detachable Cord
Serve from your dinner table! Remove it’s cord and take it there with you. Such a loyal partner it is, no?

What to consider?

Separable lid
Bad stuff about it! This causes a problem in bringing out the starchy water bubbles over the side and also on your benchtop!

No beep sound
Uh, this feature can make you even forget about the rice. The cooker won’t beep when you’re engrossed in other chores!

Doesn’t last long!
What can you expect for $18? If a long-lasting product, then you’re mistaken! Because at such a low price, you can not expect it to last for years!


Being on a budget and offering several qualities, Target-2 Litre Rice Cooker comes out to be the excellent cheap rice cooker for budget-conscious people. However, it does lack durability but that should be adjusted at such a price. That is!

Pick it from:

Competition is high!

As the competition is high, we have made the Australian rice cookers comparison and enlisted them down so that you can read on and decide which one suits you better!

4. Best in all ways: Tefal Multicook and Grain RK900

Get yourself an easy and quick rice cooker that can cook you very delicious and mouth-watering rice! With this Tefal Multicook and Grain cooker, you can enjoy the most scrumptious meal ever!

The cooker offers varied grains and rice types to meet all your expectations! Not only that, but it is also provided with beneficial features that give rise to innovative rice and grain dishes!

Are you yearning for an easy-to-use yet highly versatile cooker? If so, then you can go for this best rice cooker that has both traits. It has 80+ nutritional cooking programs! And that too in just $158.95! That is unbelievable, no?

Along with that, it comes with two excellent features that are:

It has a 4L capacity that can serve up to 8 people. And, with an automatic keep-warm feature, it can keep your food warm for up to 24 hours!

In the packing, there is a recipe book, dishwasher-safe inner bowl, grain spoon, measuring cups, soaking basket, and a steam basket! With all these features, this cooker is one the best rice cookers in Australia so far!

Why we like it?

If you’re looking at this section, then you have some serious trust issues! Because, my friend, this cooker is the best package you can ever have. Go get it if you need a multi-cook versatility cooker!

Pick it from:

5. Philips Daily Collection Grain Master

Among the best rice cookers of Australia, Philips Daily Collection stands out to be the perfect to go! Making daily grain cooking easy, it is much convenient and modern equipment that helps to cook a decent meal with little time and minimum energy.

Just like Breville, this rice cooker also has the built-in fuzzy logic technology that enables the cooker to change the temperature at various stages automatically.

Want to relish the fresh fragrance of the food?  With an advanced Fragrant Taste Technology, this cooker is considered the best aroma rice cooker in Australia. It stores the fragrance of rice for a longer time and lets you relish it! 

Moreover, it has an 8 menu program that ensures the rice is cooked perfectly with a single press of a button.

This versatile cooker cooks almost all varieties of rice and other grains including white rice, brown rice, quinoa, multi-grains, lentils, and porridge. Along with that, this cooker can cook up to 8 cups of rice that are sufficient for 18-20 people.

After cooking the rice, this cooker can keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours. It also offers a 24-hour pre-set timer that guarantees perfect rice cooking on time.

It has a 2-year warranty, a recipe booklet with a price tag of $160.

Why we like it?

If you want to have a multiple program menu and FragrantTaste Feature, then go for it! It won’t disappoint you.

Pick it from:

6. Kambrook Rice Express 5 cup

Kambrook Rice Express is a cost-effective rice cooker with a 5 cup capacity and easy 1 touch operation. There are 2 major functions that it plays for you. The first one is, cooking food for you, and the other one is, to keep that food warm. That makes it Australia’s affordable small rice cooker.
With the stream trivet, you can steam your veggies or fish to make it quick and reliable. If you are concerned about the cleaning part of a cooker, this would be ideal. It has a removable glass lid that allows it to clean easily. Also, the glass lid will help you to observe your food while cooking.

In the packing, there is a rice measuring cup, a serving spoon, a steaming rivet along with a 1-year warranty. Also, it comes at a fairly reasonable price.

Why we like it?
If you want to invest the minimum capital on a rice cooker, know you know what to choose. In short, it is the finest and cheapest rice cooker.

Pick it from:

7. Russell Hobbs RHRC1 Rice Cooker 10 Cup

If you are a perfectionist, this cooker will help you to make perfectly fluffy rice each time in an easy way. The jar-style locking lid of this cooker helps it to seal the steam inside to perfectly cook aromatic and fluffy rice.

With this fast rice cooker, you can coordinate your rice with vegetables to cook them together in the steam basket and enjoy delicious healthy meals.

It is feature-rich with an automatic cooking and keeping warm function. You can easily and seamlessly cook for your whole family. The clean-up time is cut short and fuss-free with this non-stick cooking pot.

With the 10 cup capacity, you can easily cook more rice effortlessly. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price.

Why we like it?
The stainless steel outer makes it easy to wash, And the detachable condensation collector and power cord will help you to easily carry it anywhere if you want. So, buy it and enjoy it!

Pick it from:

8. Sunbeam 7 Cup Perfect Deluxe Rice Cooker

Being an excellent brown rice cooker, Sunbeam 7 cup Perfect Deluxe Rice Cooker wins the game. It’s a budget-friendly cooker that is very easy to use. However, a bit of them can get overcooked from the bottom yet that can be managed if you leave the rice to sit on with the warm feature.

It has a modern look with simple to use features. Along with that, it comes with a good-sized pot that can cook you a good amount of rice! Moreover, the steamed it has is also very good and gives out good results! Regardless, Some reviews from say that its steamer is useless until you put it on the stovetop!

At this reasonable cost, this cooker comes with a rice spoon, spoon holder, and a measuring plastic cup also! The cooker has a 1-year warranty and has the capacity of 14 cups of cooked rice and 7 cups of uncooked rice.

Why we like it?
If you want to have a rice cooker for cooking the best brown rice, you can go for it! It has expertise in this category!

Pick it from:

9. Westinghouse 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Westinghouse 10 Cup Rice Cooker is a versatile product that benefits you in a number of ways! The feature of keeping the food warm for hours is one of them that ends the difficulty of warming the rice again and again!

Moreover, you can cook 10 cups of rice in it that is enough for a large family or several guests! To save you from burning, the hinged lid remains cool for your safety. It’s a serious feature, saves you from burning!

Moreover, if you’re dark-color-lover, you can buy it because it comes in black or brushed stainless steel color.

This rice cooker comes with several features!

A few of them include a cool-touch hinged lid with super fresh seal, compensation collector, stainless steel body, illumination function indicators, dishwasher safe port, stone finish inner port, measuring cup, spoon, and a steamer insert! With that, it comes with a 1-year warranty!

Why we like it?
If you want fluffy, fragrant rice, you can choose this one! This will never disappoint you!

Pick it from:

What’s important in a Rice Cooker? THE BUYER’S GUIDE

Let’s be honest, rice cooked in the microwave is barely fluffy and savory! Join the rice cookers line and you will have a better flavor and texture of rice. These rice cookers range from dealing with basic rice cooking to battling a range of cooking duties, like steaming fish or seafood and veggies. The buyer must know the important features to see before buying any product. To know about the best rice cookers in Australia, we have described the best features that you should be packing!

Disclaimer: To heed over the rice capacity is an important aspect!
Get yourself a rice cooker that fulfills your family size! If you want to cook a meal for a large family, you should get a rice cooker that has an 8-10 cup capacity! Or else, you can have 4-7 cup capacity for normal usage!

Lid Type:
Rice cookers come with two lid options: detachable and non-detachable.
Detachable ones are usually made of glass material that helps you see through what’s cooking inside! With that, they are also easy to clean. Regardless, the rice can bubble up or splash on the benchtop!
While none-detachable lids are not made of glass material and hence are not see-through!  For that reason, you won’t be able to glimpse inside. They are tough to clean but they don’t splash the food out!

Easy clean:
Irrespective of the lid type, your rice cooker should be simple and manageable to clean. You can attain this feature with a non-detachable lid though!

Auto Keep Warm:
If your food is prepared but you’re not, an auto keeps warm feature works in such a situation! It will keep the food warm for hours! All mentioned rice cookers have this feature, although the period varies.

Make sure your rice cooker comes with cooker holders, rice spoons, and measuring cups!

Cooking Modes
Cooking modes help if you want to cook a variety of rice! The rice cooker has versatility in this feature! Go for that one! Because all modes come with a specific time that is beneficial for you in many ways!

Speed is another important feature! If you’re fast as a fast and furious car, then look for a rice cooker that has the fast mode and cooks rice in no time! However, if you’re an easy-go person, then the normal cooker may work!

Beep Alert:
Not all rice cookers beep and make you aware that the food is ready to be served. If you really need this feature, then look for the one that comes with that beep sound!

Last but not least!  All rice cookers come with a certain warranty. Usually, it is 1-year, even the most expensive one! If you’re concerned about the greater warranty, then look for the one that has more than 1-year of it!


A great rice cooker is synonymous with a great rescuer! It saves you from hours of supervising or toiling over a stove to come up with delicious and flavored rice. Regardless, it may take time to cook! But you can throw the rice in the pot and abandon the rest to the cooker.

Your ideal rice cooker must be handy to use and manage to get you finger-licking rice. It should also come with a nonsticky bowl and user-friendly controls. With perfect traits, such a rice cooker comes around $100. Relatively reasonable! 

From the rice cooker reviews above, we have again shortlisted a few cookers that may match your choice. Let’s face it! Breville The Smart Rice Box Cooker is Australia’s top rice cooker. For the reason that it’s a multi-functional utensil that can make your life much effortless. With its versatile cooking modes, it can cook you several dishes and let you savor them! Not only that, the fast cooking mode it offers is commendable. Set and forget until you’re ready to digest!

For a slightly conventional cooker, you can pick up the Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker. This cooler is simple to use with a fast mode that can manage a variety of foods including soup cake, white and brown rice! Further, this cooker also has that fuzzy logic technology just like Breville. So, you can also have this cooker with jam-packed features!

While the Tefal Multicook and Grain RK900 are considered the best multifunctional rice cooker! If you need several features in one cooker at a reasonable amount, go for this one! This is the best rice cooker in Australia for cooking different foods or nutrients!

When it comes to the budget-friendly cooker, you can look up to Target 2 Litre Rice Cooker. The most basic, most affordable, and most simpler rice cooker it is! With a 2 Litre capacity, detachable glass lid, and nonstick aluminum pot, it also comes with an automatic keep-warm function, operable cord, handles, and much more! What else can you get at the rate of $18? Go get it before the product gets in someone else’s hands!


How does a rice cooker work?

To cook rice, the cooker is filled with water and rice. After that, it is heated to full power. When the water reaches and stays at the boiling point i.e. 100°C the water starts getting absorbed by the rice. Once the water has all been absorbed, the temperature rises above the boiling point hence tripping the thermostat.

Why do I need a rice cooker?

By plainly adding in the ingredients and pushing it starts, a rice cooker cooks all of them. In a few minutes, you can eat your fully prepared rice. Some cookers have a steaming basket to accommodate for the time in which you can cook your vegetables or other foods.

Which size rice cooker do I need?

If you cook rice about 1 to 2 cups daily, then a 4 cup cooker will work for you. If you cook around 2 to 5 cups, a 5 cup cooker will be most suitable. But, if you cook more than 5 cups, prefer buying a 10 cup cooker for your convenience.

How long does a rice cooker take to cook rice?

Generally, it takes 30 minutes to get ready-to-eat white rice while for brown rice, it can resort to 2 hours!

How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker?

Dip and drain your rice. Settle them in the rice cooker. If you’ve put in 2 cups of rice, then add 3 cups of water. Add salt for flavor and switch the cooker on! Here are different calculations for varying quantities of rice that you can follow!

How to cook sushi rice in a rice cooker?

With 1.5 cups of sushi rice, take 2 cups of water. Place them in the cooker and turn on the white rice setting on your rice cooker. After they are finished with cooking, take them out and pour flavored vinegar all over the rice. Toss the rice and your sushi is ready to be served!

What are the best rice cookers to buy in Australia?

You can choose from the following list keeping in view your preferences.