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Spending all those dollars on those bags of banana chips, really leaving a dent on your bank account?  Or the ample time during the lockdown really got you thinking about your eating habits? With so much time at hand, kitchen was never left alone as there was always something or the other cooking or brewing. If you have been forced to revamp your eating habits, then a food dehydrator is all you need.

The best food dehydrator is the new superhero in the world of mindful eaters. It initiates the existence of organic and naturally flavored fruity and meaty snacks. It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but acts as a means of achieving one. It gets rid of oily, preservative-laden, and artificial colored food out of your life.

It is a godsend for people allergic to add-ons, preservatives, or generally to packaged food. Scared to eat the packaged food because they never tell what’s ACTUALLY inside? Or are you an avid gardener with surplus and no clue how to store that produce? Don’t stress. Sit back and look at the best food dehydrators in Australia.

The 7 Best Food Dehydrators in Australia

  • Sunbeam DT6000 Food Lab – For the scientist in you
  • DEVANTi Food Dehydrators – Common man’s Favorite
  • Sunbeam DT5600 Food Dehydrator – Easy on the pocket, heavy on the performance
  • Healthy Choice Food Dehydrator – The Star of the show
  • BioChef Arizona Sol – The one with the Good Looks
  • EZIDRI Snackmaker FD500 – For Daily Use
  • Excalibur 4926T – The small Surprise

1. Sunbeam DT6000 Food Lab – For the food scientist in you!

Sunbeam’s DT600 is our best pick. The rectangular Food Lab is handy and easy to operate. It makes food preserving not only healthier but even tastier. Healthy and tasty? Surprised? Sunbeam makes it a possibility for its users. It gives you the opportunity to retain all your flavors, vitamins, and seasonal garden surplus! It is easily customizable to your specific needs due to its 8 different temperature settings, exciting? Is it not? 8 unique temperatures for your 8 unique items.

Sunbeam’s Food Lab is a stacked shelf dehydrator, which means the trays go one top of another. But does that mean you will have keep changing the order of the trays due to the varying temperature ? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The food dehydrator is made for. To make your work easier. There is no better time to flex the Sunbeam’s rear fan’s horizontal air flow.

You might be thinking you got all you need but wait, Sunbam loves its customer’s and it shows its love through the Foodlab’s timer option. The timer goes upp 19.5 HOURS! It gives you the liberty to use it overnight.

Why we like it?

Multiple temperature option

It allows you to make your jerky at 8 separate temperatures owing to the nature of your source whether it is vegetables, fruits or meats.

Horizontal air flow

It relieves you from the responsibility of continuously changing the tray order and maintains a consistent temperature all over the dehydrator.


The maximum limit is upto 19.5 hours, with increments in 30 minutes intervals.

6 trays

The trays are spacious and large. Mesh trays come along for handling small and sticky items.

What to consider?

Difficult cleaning of the racks

The racks are hard to clean

Fixed Temperature

You can not set it at your desired temperature, it comes with 8 exact readings.


May not be the one with the best of looks out there. Only black colour is available.


Sunbeams DT6000 Foodlab is a heavy-duty food dehydrator, it promises quality performance and reliability. With it not only being spacious but also versatile with its drying system you can trust it. It allows you to set the dehydrator at different temperatures and ensures even during all through the length with its horizontal drying system.

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2. DEVANTi Food Dehydrators – Common man’s Favorite

With a tons of positive reviews from all over the world, DEVANTi Food dehydrator is the youngest child in the family of food dehydrators. Now available to make the best beef jerky for Australia. It saves up on all the vitamins and nutrients only to be consumed by you. It can make all kinds of jerky for you be it vegetables, herbs or meat.

The accurate thermostat in the unit promises a a perfectly even heat for the dehydrator, making your jerky perfect from all angles. The firm and stable fan stops it from becoming a nuisance in the kitchen or rattle. DEVANTi Food dehydrators facilitate you with a  20 second beeper time so you don’t have to stand in looking over it. With its body brushed with stainless steel and racks made of stainless steel, it really makes the DEVANTi food dehydrator a steal? The usage of genuine food grade 304 stainless steel only convinces you more.

Just to add more finesse to their food dehydrators DEVANTi has added commercial grade mini racks in their dehydrators, for the chef in you. The dehydrator is huge so it takes up enough rack space and adds a touch of top noch technology to your kitchen. It comes with LCD touch control making you the commnador of the Best food dehydrator in Australia.

DEVANTi food dehydrators come in various size dependent on the number of trays you prefer. It comes in a set of 6, 10 or more trays.

Why we like it?

Long lasting

The DEVANTi Food dehydrators have been reviewed by users to be long lasting upto 20 years!

Amazingly easy to clean

The stainless steel trays and body make it easier for you to wipe it clean with one stroke.

Powerful Fan

The fan is powerful which means it maintains the temperature and consistent throughout the dehydrator.

Adjustable thermostat

The DEVANTi food dehydrator allows you to set your food dehydrators temperature anywhere between 35C to 75C.

Anti-Slip feet

The anti-slip feet provides firm grip which makes it children friendly. If its dragged or pulled it will not tip over

What to consider?

Cord Length

The cord length may be too short for you but you can easily get it elongated.

Sensitive to scrub marks

If you scrub the tray too vigorously, it may leave behind marks.


Investing in DEVANTi is fool-proof. The company is famous for its long-lasting products and its outclass performance. With its non-slip feet, the DEVANTi Food dehydrator is here to stay in your life.

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3. Sunbeam DT5600 – Easy on the pocket, heavy on the performance

If you have been looking for not a hefty investment in a food dehydrator then hold on. Sunbeam’s DT5600 Food dehydrator might just be your call. It is cheap and and easy on the pocket. Priced at a little over a US$100, it is the best for beginners. Its easy to operate with limited but effective settings. It’s easy to use interface makes it most suitable for not only beginners but for individuals who prefer simplicity. If you are someone who prefers it simple and only prefers specific jerk, then this is your best deal.

Sunbeam’s DT5600 is a less costly and a smaller alternative to it big brother, Sunbeam’s DT6000. It has just 3 temperature settings, only 5 stackable drying racks and a fruit roll tray depicting the low price of the model. The model can be simply put as machine that blows dry air as weak as a hair dryer over the trays.

The machine is compact and will not take a lot of shelf space. It has the drying motor on top fitted with the lid.

Why we like it?

Lid with drying motor

Makes the product compact and minimalistic.

5 large drying racks

It gives you ample space to dry your ingredients. Sunbeam also allows you to purschase additional racks from retail outlets and sunbeam service centres.

Rubber feet

It gives grip to the food dehydrator and fixes it in a place and prevents scratches on bench top.

Removable filter

The filter is removable and replaceable.

What to consider?

Stationary Fan

The racks need to be manually rotated.

Over-night drying results

The product has been reviewed to not yield optimum result overnight but drying tests have been suggested after intervals.


Sunbeam’s DT5600 is a low-budget dehydrator for people with a tight budget. It is excellent at preparing the best jerky for you at a cheaper rate. The only tiring part is that you will have to rotate the trays yourself in equal intervals. Opt for it only if you have the stamina to keep looking over it.

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4. Healthy Choice Food Dehydrator – The Star of the show

Healthy Choice Food dehydrator is a stylish, European design food dehydrator. It’s European design makes it pre-eminent over the others on the list. It comes with four different adjustable temperature presets for 4 different types of jerky.

It has a converging flow drying system that does not require you to rotate trays continuously. The flow system ensures air circulation throughout the compartment producing consistent, evenly dried jerky all over. The opaque body blocks any sort of unnecessary light entering the food dehydrator, preventing the food from being destroyed. The powerful fan maintains a constant temperature and removes all water content from your food, whether homegrown or shop-bought.

The Healthy Choice food dehydrator is loaded with a 300 watt motor which makes it a fairly powerful and convenient for fans of dehydrated food strips! The Healthy Choice food dehydrator motor comes with 2 power ratings, adjustable to your needs. Healthy Choice food dehydrator has a simple two touch button operation making it easy to operate  The model comes in clear and in white colour to choose from.

Why we like it?

Multilevel Power Indicator

The power can be conveniently set at two rating, 150W and 300W depending on your needs.


Includes 5 trays but can be easily expanded to 10 trays.

Opaque vita-save exterior

Opaque vita-save exterior helps block light which can destroy nutrient content


The food dehydrator weights a mere 1.8 kg that makes it easier to move around


The Healthy Choice food dehydrator is accompanied with a 12-month warranty for your assurance.

What to consider?

Low maximum temperature

The food dehydrator providesa maximum temperature only at 65C

Plastic Body

The plastic body may fade over time.

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5. BioChef Arizona Sol – The One with the Good Looks

Sleek, Black and sharp cuts Biochef’s Arizona Sol is definitely going to make your food dehydrator machine look so damn good. By far the best food dehydrator if we rate by looks. It’s a beauty with the functions.

The beauty comes in three variants;

  • BioChef Arizona 6 Tray Food Dehydrator.
  • BioChef Arizona 8 Tray Food Dehydrator.
  • BioChef Arizona 10 Tray Food Dehydrator.

You can not help but be impressed at how economically it has been priced, starting around US$250. The trays are made from the best stainless steel available in the market to make their user’s experience seamless. The unit is made from BPA- free plastic that’s making your safer than safe. The amazing functions just don’t end here, Bioche’f Arizona Sol has n adjustable thermostat ranging from 35C to 70C. Not just that, the 24 hour timer that too digital makes setting the timer a piece of cake. Arizona’S Biochef  comes along with non-stick slips and a mesh tray for your convenience. Still not convinced? How about a 3 year warranty? YES! You also get a 3 year warranty with the product.

The Aussies have reviewed the product multiple times and rated it always higher than the other food dehydrators. The company promises superior value for money with longevity. Arizona BioChef sol is only a synonym to reliability and worth that every buck!

Why we like it?

Temperature setting

You can select any desired temperature that you like. You can also change the temperature by simplying pressing the stop  button in between an already set timer. Flexibility with finesse programming.


Comes in the basic two colours, black and white. You can choose the one that matched the theme of your kitchen.

Horizontal Drying system

This translates into no need for you to swap trays every now and then. It is like, put it in and you can be carefree.

Removable Trays

Making it convenient by allowing space for fermenting  yoghurt bowls or proofing doughs.

Stainless Steel trays

The trays are made of stainless steel which makes it easier to be cleaned.


The motor is rated at 500W that best deal so far! Eay on the pocket with a powerful motor.


Will occupy very less bench space and what it occupies will only add good looks to your kitchen bench

What to consider?


The 6 tray unit weighs around 5.2 kgs heavier than few, but also you don’t have to carry it around so it can be looked over.

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6. EZIDRI Snackmaker FD500 – For Daily Use

EZIDRI Snackmaker is easy ot operate, easy to lift and easy to clean. It is a light-weight food dehydrator with an expandable capacity upto 3 times! It comes with 5 trays but can comfortably be stretched to 15 trays. Appropriate for batch cooking. The unit has a 24 hour timing option with a temperature range between 30C to 60C.

The machine has a wind of being faulty around it, with a price parallel to other options this might not be your best pick. The unit comes in white colour and with a circular shape. You can set the temperature at 3 specific temperatures.

Why we like it?

  • Size – easily placeable
  • Minimum complexity – on/off button with 3 particular temperatures

What to consider?

  • Noisy Releases the smell of what you are drying in the maker.

Pick it from:

7. Excalibur 4926T

Excalibur’s food dehydrators need no introduction as it is the Harry Potter of the food dehydrator world. They are difficult to be spotted in Australia but still worth  review. They come with standard of 9 tray count and a 26hour timer. The thermostat can be varied from 40C to 75C giving it a more distributed coverage.

With the distinguishing Parallex Airflow system, Excalibur promises faster and thorough drying. The unique selling point of this food dehydrator is its Hyperwave Technology. The dehydrator changes the heat throughout the drying cycle to get rid of moisture while preventing yeast, mould or bacteria from multiplying.

Why we like it?

  • Parallex Airflow
  • Hyperwave Technology
  • No need to rotate trays

What to consider?

  • Pricey
  • Not easily available

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What’s important in a Food Dehydrator? THE BUYER’S GUIDE


Capacity is subjective and totally depends on your needs. If you are a gardaner and plan to preserve your grow then you need one with more than 6 trays. But if you are a bachelor living in the city only trying to include healthy snack in your diet such as banana chips then a 5 tray food dehydrator will also perform you.


A timer on a food dehydrator can truly be blessing. It lets you off the hook and you don’t have to keep checking on it. They will also give a buzzer once it is done.


A good quality thermostat is an essential part of the best food dehydrators out there. They provide you a range of temperatures. The longer the range the better. Since different kinds of food require different temperatures to be dried properly, its best to get a food dehydrator than allows you to set up different temperatures.


The airflow is important deduce whether you will have to rotate the trays or not. It is best to choose an option that facilitates you in just sitting back while the food dries. Airflow is also a key-player to ensure complete drying.

Tray Material

The trays can be made of plastic and stainless steel, it is better to get one with stainless steel trays as they are durable. Plastic trays may snap in two pieces.

The Two kinds of food dehydrators

Dehydrators with Stack Shelf:
These kinds of dehydrators have a fan below and the air is blown upwards. They are compact and cheaper. They generally come in two shapes, circle and rectangle. Rectangular food dehydrators are are spacious and can accommodate items cut in any shape.

Dehydrators with pull-out shelf:
They are generally bigger and have fans at the back. The fan creates a current that flows all around the dehydrator. It maintains a consistent temperature better.


WE BELIEVE IN ARIZONA BIO CHEF SOL. The product is sleek and smart. It adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. It is not just about the look but it also works like the best food dehydrator available. With the BPA-free body, stainless steel trays, and horizontal drying system it promises to extract all that moisture from your produce. The food dehydrator is reasonably priced making it accessible to all. Whether you are a healthy snack enthusiast or a passionate gardener, Arizona Biochef Food dehydrator is a steal for all.


Why should I get a dehydrator?

 A dehydrator helps you increase the shelf life of your fresh produce. If you are a gardener and love growing your own food but end up with a surplus, that you don’t want to let go of then you can easily preserve it with the best food dehydrators. People with unidentified allergies cannot eat packaged food as we never know what’s inside fully, so a food dehydrator can help you make your own snacks!
A food dehydrator helps you retain your vitamins and nutrients completely and safely. It is your go-to now if you are switching to healthier snack items. The jerkies can be the best alternative to baby food as it is completely homemade and fresh.

What are the best food dehydrators to buy in Australia?

  1. Sunbeam DT6000 Food Lab – simple, compact, and multifunctional
  2. BioChef Arizona Sol – adaptable and easy to operate
  3. Healthy Choice Food Dehydrators – lightweight, duo power options and expandable.

What food can I dehydrate in a dehydrator?

You can dehydrate multiple food items in the best food dehydrator that you have gotten yourself. You can make sorts of jerky in it. From fruits like banana, apple, and strawberries to vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and bitter gourd. You can also make meat jerky in a food dehydrator. A good food dehydrator can be conveniently used to also ferment yogurt or to proof your dough!

Can I put the dehydrator trays in the dishwasher?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! If your trays are made of stainless steel then putting them in a dishwasher is a bad idea. The high temperatures of a dishwasher will ruin the coating on your trays.

How to make biltong in a food dehydrator?

Prepping the meat – Cut the meat into 1 inch thick slices and sprinkle with a generous amount of salt. You can also get it from a nearby store.
Curing the meat – After about 2 hours, wipe the salt off (DO NOT WASH YOUR MEAT) and coat it with vinegar for about 2-5 minutes.
Season your meat – Add the seasoning of your choice. (black pepper, salt, etc)

How does a food dehydrator work?

A dehydrator is an electrical machine that eliminates the moisture content of your food. It is comprised of trays, heating elements, vents, and a fan for circulation. The dehydrator’s heating element raises the temperature inside the machine, the fan evenly circulates the heat and removes the moisture, while the trays hold the food you wish to dehydrate.

What is the perfect temperature for dehydrating your food?

FoodTemperature (*C)Drying Time (hours)
Green Beans (blanched)556-12
Carrots (diced and peeled)606-8
Okra (1/6 inch slices)654-5
Onion (1/4 or 1/8 inch slices)703-6
Peas (cut in half)553-6
Herbs and spices452-4

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