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Getting out of bed is the hardest task in the whole world. I get it!

You have to prepare your mind for the upcoming tasks and routines, resume your worries from where you paused last night, and remember how much you love Sundays. And if you’ve got a long to-do list for the day, leaving your bed becomes even harder.
But you know what’s even harder? Knowing that you have to compromise on an instant blend. Yes, life without the best coffee grinder sucks. You can’t survive the daily grind of relying on your instant coffee.  You have tried it but failed. Haven’t you?
At least you can take care of this part of life. The best coffee grinder in Australia will help you do just that – make your life easier.

The 8 Best Coffee Grinders in Australia

1. The Smart Choice: Breville BCG820BSS, The Smart Grinder Pro

Coffee is your brain, your heart, and your life. But it shouldn’t claim your arm and your leg. That’s the reason that makes Breville Smart Grinder a darling.
This stainless steel burr coffee grinder contains an airtight lid and sealing cap which prevent it from heating up and retain the oil of coffee beans. The capacity of crushing coffee beans in the Breville Pro Coffee Grinder is 450 grams.

The dose timer can be set at any time with an increment of 0.2 seconds. It has 25 different settings of grinding which can make the best coffee according to your taste.
The best things in life are smart. And this smart coffee grinder is no exception. With this grinder, all you have to do is to choose between cups for French press and shots for Espresso and it takes care of the number of beans itself.

You can directly grind your coffee in it. There are three settings for the filter and two settings for the plunger. Cleaning is a breeze. You get a brush to clean the machine and its burr.

Talking about burr, you get it pointed, cone-shaped, and small. It grinds the coffee beans gently and evenly. Couple this excellence in grinding with the high power beat amount and you get unmatched grinding consistency. When you evaluate its fine grind, ease of use, functions, and speed against its price, you would find it to be the best coffee grinder for espresso.

Why we like Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder?

Easy to use:
You can directly grind the coffee in it; with very simple control you can easily make your coffee according to your taste as well as with an easily readable LCD.
This machine takes less space on your kitchen counter.
It can turn your coffee beans into powder in a second.
Well-known brand:
Breville is known for its highly innovative kitchen products that promise customer comfort and ease.
Conical burrs:
It contains a conical burr that can grind coffee beans evenly.

What to consider?

  • The majority of settings are based on espresso grind, so others who want brewing will be dissatisfied.
  • This machine is a bit noisy.

Pick it:

2. The Green Choice: Bodum Bistro Burr

Bodum bistro burr is one of the best coffee grinders in Australia with its smart timer and zero-waste mechanism. Its stainless steel conical burr has a capacity of 220 grams of coffee beans.

You can rely on its airtight lid to preserve taste and delicious smell guaranteeing a perfect leveled and rich flavor coffee out of it. And you get this blend with the push of a single button.

If it’s not enough for you, you would be happy with its durable design. The innovative friction clutch ensures that your grinding gear remains safe from damage.

Why we like Bodum Bistro Burr?

Adjustable settings:
Bistro burr grinder has 14 different adjustable settings from coarse to fine.
Coffee catcher:
Its borosilicate glass container prevents coffee from sticking to the grounds, at the same time the lid cover keeps coffee beans fresh.
Easy to use:
Whether you want espresso or French press its easy controls will help you with both.
Preset timer:
The preset timer lets you grind the required quantity of coffee preventing waste and making it according to your taste.
Durable design:
The compact design makes it the best home coffee grinder in Australia, complete with a friction clutch to avoid slipping.
You get a 12-month warranty with the grinder.
Trusted brand:
With more than 75 years in service, Bodum is a trusted brand in kitchen appliances.

What to consider?

  • Maximum grinding time for one use is 20 seconds limiting the amount you can grind
  • You may have to rely on customer support because of less-than-perfect durability of some parts

Pick it:

3. The Budget Choice: Kitchenpro Maxim Coffee & Spice Grinder

Looking for a budget option? Kitchenpro maxim coffee & spice grinder makes one of the best coffee grinders in Australia when your budget is trying to submit to its instant alternative. Yeah! For the love of coffee, don’t surrender to those instant blends, ever!

Maxim Coffee and spice grinder – a lightweight machine – can crush hard coffee beans so evenly that you take no time to fall in love with the consistency.

Should I mention that it can grind your nuts, herbs, salad, meat, and different spices? With a powerful 130 watts motor, a capacity of 70 grams of coffee beans, with a stainless steel bowl and blade, you get an all-in-one solution for your kitchen.

Why do we like KitchenPro Maxim Coffee & Spice Grinder?

Easy to use:
It is light weighted and easy to use coffee and spice grinder.
Extremely Budget-Friendly:
Maxim coffee grinder is available at a very reasonable price.
It is a multi-purpose grinder that can grind your coffee beans perfectly plus your nuts and spices as well.  
There is a safety cut-off switch in it.

What to consider?

  • There are no multiple settings for the coffee grinder neither for espresso nor for the French press.
  • If you want finely ground coffee, you should look at other options.

Pick it:

4. Best Multipurpose: Breville BCG200BSS The Coffee & Spice Grinder

If you want a multipurpose grinder that can grind coffee as well as spices and herbs in a minute then you need to buy a Breville BCG200BSS coffee and spice grinder which is available at a reasonable price.

It is nearly the best coffee grinder in Australia in which you can grind your spices herbs and coffee easily with its stainless blade.

It is a fast, smart, high-quality, and robust grinder made up of a solid metal body, protected plastic lid, and a steel removable bowl. This detachability of the bowl makes cleaning the machine a breeze.

Please note that there is no on-off button on it. You have to maintain a firm grip on the lid and you should only press it for a few seconds or minutes to get your desired grind.

For coffee beans, there is no setting like other grinder machines you can only try for course grind press the lid for 15 seconds, and fine grind press it for 25 seconds.

Why we like Breville BCG200BSS The Coffee & Spice Grinder?

It is a budget-friendly grinder available at a reasonable price.
It is a multi-purpose grinder you can grind coffee beans, spices, herbs, nuts, and seeds in it.
Easy to clean & easy to use:
It has a removable container that can be easily removed and washed. It can grind easily with no hard-to-understand setting.
Breville BCG200BSS coffee and spice grinder smartly sits in a convenient corner of your kitchen counter without occupying much space.
Less Noisy:
Did I mention the grinder is a breeze? Yes, no noise!

Points to Think about:

No settings:

There is no setting for different coffee flavors (espresso to French press)

Spices get stuck:

During grinding there can be some particle stuck at the bottom of the blade and leave spices and their smells.

Pick it:

5. Sunbeam EM0440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Sunbeam GrindFresh takes its name seriously. You don’t want your coffee to lose its freshness?! It grinds the coffee according to your needs, keeps it fresh, and gives you a rich flavor and delicious coffee. Ah, freshness!

Its long-lasting conical burr maintains the quality of the coffee beans and its consistency and gives you a perfect evenly crushed coffee.

Sunbeam EM0440 allows full control on the particle size and manages to get a perfect espresso, Italian, creamy cappuccino, latte, plunger coffee,   filter coffee, and much more.

Sunbeam EM0440 conical burr design maintains consistency as well as preventing heat from burning your coffee beans. The same mechanism ensures that your coffee’s freshness and aroma are maintained.  Its 25 different settings turn out a variety of ground sizes to suit different coffee modes as well as your different moods.

Its direct handle grinding allows you to know exactly how much coffee you need ground.

Why do we like Sunbeam EM0440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Coffee Grinder?
Multi settings:
This grinder has 25 different settings for grinding coffee beans according to your mode and taste.
It grinds your coffee beans uniformly and smoothly which helps in making a perfect cup of coffee according to your desire.

What to consider?
It may spry some coffee during grinding and there may some ground coffee remain in the machine.

Pick it:

6. Hario Mini Mill Pro Black

Hario mini mill pro-black one of the best manual coffee grinders in Australia. Here is the answer to your ‘why’.

It’s made for those, who love coffee but wouldn’t give up traveling not to part ways with their favorite blend.  If you don’t want to buy a cup of coffee while traveling and want to have a coffee made by yourself, then you need to have a Hario mini mill pro coffee grinder.

When we say it’s portable, we mean that it is a lightweight, small, easy-to-use manual grinder. And you can rely on it to crush enough beans to ready two cups of coffee in one go. You can welcome your partner now.

Are you sick of getting coarser or finer blends than you would like? Say goodbye to these imperfections. Hario mini will crush the beans just as much as you intend to grind. Thanks to its airtight transparent lid, you can easily see that coffee beans are fully crushed as you like.

While using this hand grinder it crushes coffee beans in the same particle size, shape and crushed evenly. This helps you to find out the rich taste of your coffee. Here are some tips from which you can find good coffee according to your taste.

  • First turns adjuster fully clockwise.
  • For espresso, you turn its handle 1-2 times anti-clockwise
  • For Moka pot, you turn its handle 3-4 times anti-clockwise
  • For filter, 5 anti-clockwise rotations are needed
  • Makes these rotations 5-8 times for Aeropress

Why do we like Hario Mini Mill Pro Black?
Easy to use:
Hario mini mill pro-black is a manual grinder you can use easily with the help of its aluminum handle.
It’s easy on your pocket.
Hario mini mill pro contains ceramic burr, it can easily adjustable for exact grind stiffness, giving an ideal consistent grind that makes a delicious lovely coffee for you and your partner.
Light-weighted & portable:
It is a light-weighted slim and portable manual coffee grinder; you can take it anywhere you want to take it.

What to consider?
It is a small grinder that can crush coffee maximum of two cups at one time
Manual grinder:
It is a manual grinder you have to do all the crushing of your beans by yourself. It may take some time.

Pick it:

7. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex mini stainless steel coffee grinder is a manual grinder made up of steel. It’s powerful and lightweight making it a perfect solution for traveling and outdoor use.

If you want to avoid a huge grinder machine with multiple settings then you should know that there is no need for power batteries and other accessories with it. It is the best choice for those who love to travel and want to have their unique blend of coffee.

It’s compact with a solid stainless steel body, grinding cup, handle, and lid which can grind all types of coffee, espresso To French press. It has the best combination with Aeropress it can easily fit in the coffee maker and makes a perfect cup of coffee while traveling. There is a rubber clutch in it which can give you an easy grip for grinding. Its ceramic burr is very sharp and easy to clean. Its hopper can seize 20grams of beans at a time.

Easy to handle and easy to clean – this grinder doesn’t require much in the name maintenance if you are quick enough to clean it with an old toothbrush. 

Why we like Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder?
It is a light-weighted slim portable coffee grinder; you can take it with you anywhere you want in your bag.
Easy to use:
You can grind all types of coffee in it from espresso to French press with some easy steps.
Prolix mini coffee grinder contains ceramic burr which is easily adjustable for a perfect grind stiffness which gives consistent grind for a perfect cup of coffee.
It can crush the coffee beans rapidly in a minute you should not wait for your coffee too long.

What to consider?
It is a small coffee grinder that has only a small space for grinding.

Pick it:

8. Porex Hand-Ground Coffee Mill Ceramic Mini

Smokers cannot leave smoking and coffee lovers cannot leave their coffee anywhere, looking for a smart small portable coffee grinder? Then try Porex hand-ground coffee mill Ceramic mini made up of solid steel robust body, plastic lid, and a handle which allow you to grind the beans perfectly.

Porex hand-ground coffee mill contains conical ceramic burr which is sharp and stainless. You are sure to get the best taste for years to come.

With some simple settings, you will get all types of coffee flavors from it from espresso to French press. You get the espresso grind in up to 2 minutes of grinding. Moreover, with its rubber ring, you can hold it firmly while grinding.

Porex hand-ground coffee mill is a small easy to carry portable grinder best for those, who love traveling and want to have their coffee with them.

Why we like Porex Hand Ground Coffee Mill Ceramic Mini?
Porex hand-ground coffee mill is a small, easy-to-carry, portable grinder. Its size can be easily reduced so it can easily fit in your bag pack.
Easy to use/clean:
Porex mill can grind beans with some simple settings which are very easy. Plus, this easy-to-clean grinder uses some soapy water and a toothbrush for effective cleaning.
The mill ground beans very equally and firmly, size of all particles remains the same and constant.
Porex mill is a less time taking grinder which grinds beans very quickly and just perfect.

What to consider?
Porex hand-ground mill can produce only one cup of coffee bean which is a less amount not enough for your mates.
Porex mill is a bit expensive hand grinder than others. Maybe it would be out of your budget.
-> It is one of the best manual grinders in Australia due to its conical ceramics burr and its small size.

Best Coffee Grinder – Buying Guide

If you love coffee and you love to have it whenever you are stressed, tired, or are buried under loads of work, you should have your own coffee grinder. Keep it personal keep it secure because only you know how much coffee you want in your cup.

The freshness of coffee is the key ingredient of the best coffee. If you grind your coffee right before making then it will double its taste and aroma. Then you will feel fresh with a single sip.

This buying guide is for those who want to buy the best coffee grinder in Australia.

Types of coffee grinder:

Before you move ahead, understand the difference between blade grinders and burr grinders of a coffee grinding machine.

Blade grinder:

A blade grinder is very common because of its low price. Blade grinder doesn’t crush coffee beans properly. The beans are crushed unevenly and you will find some parts would be in powder form while others will be coarser. In short, your coffee beans will not be crushed uniformly.
Blade grinder cannot be used for long, the blade will heat up and it can burn your coffee beans.

Burr grinder:

If you want to buy a grinder that gives your coffee a rich flavor and taste as you want, you should buy a burr grinder.
Burr grinder produces the coffee evenly, with all particles having the same size. This is the key part for making a rich flavor coffee; the best flavor will come out.

Even in burr grinders, you will get two types:

  • Flat burr grinder
  • Conical burr grinder

Flat burr grinder – They are more expensive and produce better quality and consistency in particle size coffee.

Conical burr grinder – They are less expensive than a flat burr grinder but they grind the coffee in proper size.

Considering factors while purchasing a coffee grinder:

There are multiple numbers coffee grinders available in the market with varying costs. It is difficult to choose which one is the best for you. So there is some factor you should know before buying a coffee grinder.

Consistency and particle size:

High-quality coffee beans and its proper grinding has the main role to have best and rich flavor coffee in your cup, the consistency and particle size is a most important factor for making it.


If you want to have the best flavor and you have good quality beans then you should buy a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. Burr grinders are expensive but it’s a one-time expense, right? The burr grinder is 100$-500$. Otherwise, even the good quality coffee beans will not be enough to give you a good flavor.


If you buy a high-speed grinder it may heat up and burn the coffee beans and if you use the start-stop option frequently it may affect your machine.

It’s just natural for you to experiment with any new grinder for some time to get the perfect grinding consistency. The low speed of grinders helps you with this testing phase.


There are small capacity grinders. Then there are the high-capacity ones. Make sure the size you choose matches your average coffee needs.

Easy to clean and use:

If you want a coffee grinder that can clean easily and is also easy to use, searching the users’ experience with the product is a must.


Which grinder grinds good coffee – a blade grinder or a burr grinder?

Burr grinders are better than blade grinders because they crush coffee beans consistently and evenly and give a good flavor to your coffee. O the other hand, a blade grinder would crush your coffee beans unevenly thus changing their flavor.

Why should I buy a burr grinder when it is more expensive than a blade grinder?

Burr grinder is expensive but it crushes coffee beans in a consistent form. Due to this, it enhances the taste of your coffee. Moreover, it prevents heat so your coffee beans won’t burn. Instead blade grinder crushes uneven coffee and it’s speedy. Due to its heat, the coffee beans may burn and you will not get the desired taste.

What is the best grind for coffee?

For the best grind coffee use a medium-coarse grind. It is less thick and smothers.

Is the manual coffee grinder better than the electric one?

Yes, you can grind good coffee beans manually. But in electric alternatives, there are more than 40 settings of grinding.

How long does a coffee grinder last?

Stainless burr grinds about 500 to 1000 pounds of coffee. And the ceramic burr can grind about 1000 to 1500 pounds of coffee. The average age is 5 to 7 years if you use it regularly.

What should I look for when buying the coffee grinder?

When you are going to buy a coffee grinder, you should first check the consistency and its particle size. It should grind evenly. Other factors include speed, cost, and capacity of the grinder.

Final Verdict

If you have grown your love of coffee for years and now want a partner who can take experimentation out of this process, go for Breville’s Smart grinder. For most folks, Bodum Bistro Burr makes the best coffee grinder in Australia.

But if you are interested in more affordable versions and aren’t afraid of putting in some elbow grease,  this article also gives a few options of the best manual coffee grinder in Australia.

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