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Motherhood is challenging (to say the least).

Sleepless nights, crying spells, colic issues, growth spurts that left you exhausted for months are now slowly turning into a more stable routine. Your baby has recently stepped into (not literally) his seventh month of life and is ready to take semi-solids and solids.

Congratulations Mama! You have made it this far even after facing too much. Why not give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself with a product that will make the pureeing, steaming, blending quicker and convenient for you.

Here’s a list of the five best baby food makers Australia has to offer you as a reward. I have hand-picked all the products keeping the struggles of a mom in mind and made sure to pick the best. Have a look to make your next shopping move:

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Top Picks:

1. Best Design: BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker

The reason for picking up this product on the top spot is its functionality, which comes at an affordable price. The machine is a countertop baby food maker that doesn’t take too much space and gives a 1.1 liters jug capacity for making 4.7 cups of baby food at a time.

The machine’s primary functions include steaming, blending, defrosting, and reheating, enabling a tired mom to have the meals prepped in under 15 minutes. The only effort you need to put during the whole process is peeling and cutting the fresh produce.

After that, everything’s a breeze. The hassle-free dishwasher-safe components allow thorough cleaning without even moving a hand. The whole steaming and pureeing process takes place with two parts, which are the pitcher and the basket.

You place whatever vegetable or meat or fruit in the basket and the pitcher has a water fill line on it. 

Pour water through the easy pour spout till the line of the pitcher.

After that, put the basket in the pitcher, and the pitcher locks into the steamer quite easily. Then close the lid and press the steam button. That’s it. 

After the steaming is done, you can blend the food therein.

Simple design that requires only one hand to leverage the whole process.

Why we like BEABA Babycook 4-in-1 ?

  • Large Capacity that Makes Bulk Prep Easy:

The 4.7 cups capacity makes it easy to prepare baby food in large batches and freeze for later use.

  • Busy Moms Can Use it Through the Whole Weaning-Off Cycle:

The blender and steamer work well for purees and chunkier foods so that a busy mom can depend on this baby food maker from infancy till toddlerhood. 

  • BPA Free Material That Keeps the Baby Food Free From Chemical Contamination:

All the parts that come to contact with the food are BPA free, so there’s no worry of chemical contamination in the food.

What to consider?

  • Most of the moms struggle with the cleaning of the water fill tank of baby food makers. This machine has the same problem of growing mold inside the water tank.

BEABA cook is a sleek design 4-in-1 baby food maker that steams, blends, defrost and reheats upto 4.7 cups of baby food. The 1.85 kg machine is easy to store and handy to work with.
All you need to do is to put the cut-up fruits/ vegetables/ meat in the basket, fill the pitcher with water, and set the temperature. The machine will give an alarm when the steaming is done. You can then blend the food to the texture of your choice. The BEABA 4-in-1 Babycook comes at an affordable price as compared to some of its counterpart products.

Pick it:

2. Innovative Steaming: Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker

Philips Avent has maintained its quality principles in this product as well. It is one of the most convenient baby food makers you can ever buy. There’s a 1000 ml capacity jug that holds the peeled and cut vegetables you want to puree.

There are four functions in the machine namely, steaming, blending, defrosting, and reheating. You only have to peel and cut the fresh produce you want to offer to your baby, put it in the jug, seal the lid and set the steaming timer.

The average steaming time for fruits and vegetables is ten minutes, while if you’re in the later stage of the weaning off cycle, you can steam the meat for twenty-five minutes for thorough cooking.

Once the steaming is done, you can flip the jug and set it for the next blending step. Turn the blender on for a finely pureed baby meal. 

The large capacity jug can help you prepare up to four baby meals at a time that will save your time, when later you defrost it in the baby food maker and then reheat it.

The product is especially suitable for working mothers who are on the weaning off process and want to manage their home chores proactively.

The Avent 4-in-1 baby food maker comes with a weaning-off guide that can help struggling moms. Besides that, there are baby food recipes available on the app.

Why we like Philips Avent 4-in-1?

  • Convenient Design that Allows Moms to Relax:

Once you put the food for steaming, you can relax until the steaming process goes on. No need to keep standing as you would do while steaming on the stove.

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts:

Once you’re done with the meal prep, you can put the jug and lid in the dishwasher to avoid more hassle.

  • Large Capacity that Allows Four Meals at a Time:

The 1000 ml jug allows you to puree more food in a batch to freeze for later use.

  • User Manual that Mentions different Settings for Steaming:

There’s a thorough guide about how much steaming different kinds of vegetables, fruits and other food will need, so there’s no guess work involved.

What to consider?

  • It is an expensive product.
  • The water inlet point of the steamer doesn’t show up the inside of the water tank, so there’s a chance that even after cleaning molds grow inside.

A time-saving baby food maker that performs four functions. You can steam the food in the jug in a matter of minutes, without bearing any heat of the kitchen, and flip the jug to puree the food. The machine is usable even in the later stages of the weaning cycle because it can be programmed for chunkier purees. Parts of the machine are dishwasher safe, and the vertical design makes it easy to store. A complete package, that will cut down the hassles of making large batches of baby food in a go.

Pick it:

3. Largest Capacity: Babymoov Nutribaby Plus 6 in 1

The last one on the list of our top picks is Babymoove Nutribaby Plus 6-in-1. The baby food maker does the steaming, blending, defrosting, reheating, and sterilising. The machine is equipped with an XXL capacity jug that you can use to steam the baby food and also for sterilising the feeders.

The 1500 ml capacity jug can sterilise up to three bottles or jars. There are 10 pre-programmed buttons that you can use to steam, blend, defrost, sterilise and so on according to your needs.

The pregnant mothers can steam healthy food while after the birth of the child they can use the machine for pureeing steamed food and making smoothies.

Why we like Babymoov Nutribaby?

  • Intuitive Mechanism:

The machine operates on ten different buttons, that are used each for a unique function. 

  • Large Capacity Jug:

This machine has the largest capacity on the list which makes it ideal for steaming larger batches. Even mamas can take the advantage.

  • Steaming and Sterilising on the go:

The machine is equipped to provide steaming and sterilising options in a single unit.

What to consider?

  • It’s an expensive buy
  • The large capacity may not suit mothers who don’t want to store baby food.
  • The machine is heavy to handle with 2.98 kgs weight.

The Babymoov Nutribaby is an all-in-one device that you can use for steaming, blending, defrosting, reheating and even for sterilising up to three bottles and jars in a go. The machine has ten buttons that perform unique functions. With all these good points, the machine is heavy on the pocket as well as for handling.

Pick it:

Now let’s have a look at rest of the picks:

4. Avec Maman – Baby Chef, 4-in-1 Food Processor:

The Avec Maman Baby Chef packs almost all the features a high-end machine packs at a much lower price point. Here’s what it does:

  • Steams and blends:

You can steam and blend your baby food using this machine when you’re tired of the other chores.

  • Compact design that doesn’t take too much space:

If you have limited countertop space, this one can work ideally for you.

  • Reheating and Bottle Sterilising Options available:

You can sterilise the baby feeders using this machine. Not only that, you can reheat the baby food as well.

  • Cleaning the Machine is a Breeze:

Even busy moms can easily clean the machine after use because no part is fixed to the base.

Why we like it?

  • Easy on pocket
  • Multi-purpose design

What to consider?

  • The machine needs a thorough reading of the manual to understand the function of each part.
  • Some parents do not like the steaming time; they think it takes too long.

Pick it:

5. Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker:

Another standard baby food maker, that can help working moms to stay proactive. Let’s have a look at Tommy Tippee Quick Cook baby food maker features:

  • Steam and Blend as per your choice:

You can set the timer for both the steaming and blending process of your baby food using this machine.

  • Convenient Control that keep you going:

The digital controls are pretty easy to handle with only three control functions and simple buttons.

  • Suitable for every weaning stage:

You can select the steaming and blending cycles to keep the consistency of the purees best suited to your kid’s needs.

Why we like it?

  • The handling is convenient
  • Cleaning is basic

What to consider?

  • The basket capacity is too less for older babies
  • The steaming basket and blending jug are two separate parts, so you need to change the vessel for both steps of food preparation.

Pick it:

How to choose the best baby food maker in Australia? The Buying Guide

A baby food maker is a choice that most of working moms make. Here’s what to seek in a baby food maker you’re buying:


With variable jug sizes available in the baby food makers, you need to take your decision according to your kid’s needs. Too large, or too small, both the jug sizes may create problems in the food preparation process.

If you have bought a XXL capacity baby food maker and your kid only eats some ounces of food, the little steaming and blending will become a hassle.

If you have more than one kid to feed at a time, a small capacity jug will require too much work even when you have a baby food maker with you.

The Voltage:

I haven’t discussed this point in the review text, but it is one of the major concerns when a machine gets delivered but the adapter settings aren’t suitable for a particular country’s voltage requirements.

For this reason, Aussies should focus on buying from vendors from Australia only.


If you want only to have a baby food maker, just stick to that. Do not go for options with sterilisation since it may add additional cost. However, a compact machine that combines steaming, blending, defrosting and reheating is your best bet to reduce baby food preparation stress.


Price is a determinant that can never be ignored when you’re purchasing something. Especially, when your budgets are tight due to an additional member, an expensive unit can be a blow to your monthly budget.

However, keep in mind that a good baby food maker will cut a lot of hassle from your life, so treat it as an investment that will save you the treasure of time.


  • What are the best baby food makers Australia?
  1. BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker -Best Design
  2. Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker – Innovative Steaming
  3. Babymoov Nutribaby Plus 6 in 1– Largest Capacity
  4. Avec Maman – Baby Chef, 4-in-1 Food Processor
  5. Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker
  • Is it worth buying a baby food maker?

 If you can comfort yourself a little bit during the challenges of parenthood, a baby food maker is an absolute life saver. The money spent will trade off with the peace of mind and the health benefit for your kids.

  • What does a baby food maker do?

A baby food maker typically steams and purees baby food. The advanced machines have more options such as defrosting or sterilisation, but the basic functions remain intact.

  • How long should a baby eat purees?

Weaning starts after the first six months of a baby’s life. Some paeds may start as early as four months, but it is always better to take advice before starting the weaning-off process.

The pureed food intake should stop after one year of age or when your baby starts chewing food.

  • Is making your own baby food cheaper?

Yes! Homemade food of any kind including baby food is cheaper as compared to store-bought food. The cost can be as low as 55% of the store-bought food’s price.

Bottom line:

With various options available to pick from the best baby food maker Australia has to offer, you can make an informed choice by reading about the five best products we have listed for you.

All these machines have common as well as unique features. You only need to set your preferences and make the final move.

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